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From site creator orodromeus:

I am a follower of The Expanse since the very beginning of season 1. Although I am an avid science fiction reader, I have not read the books (yet?). I was attracted to the show for its more realistic portrayal of space, its use of real locations in the solar system as story space, and its tight plotting and rich world-building — which, thanks to it being based on pre-existing books, promised coherence and finality instead of ret-cons and improvisation.

With this site I aim to post a handful of thoughts, especially about plotting, world-building and foreshadowing — a bit like The Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5. Also, I wanted this to be ad-free, unlike the wiki at And I aim to collect media and information that is spread all over the internet and centralize them in one place — like interviews, behind the scenes photos all over social media, astute fan observations, and more.

Hold tight as I get this thing off the ground. Yam seng!

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