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I’d also really like to see a category for Cosplay guidance, tips, suggestion and encouragement. I go to a lot of cons and rarely see other Expanse Cosplayers, so let’s help each other get going!

Ooo, that’s a good suggestion! #community:cosplay now open. Topics are wikis, and any topic can be pinned, e.g. one big topic for guidance & tips. All sorts of things like where to buy supplies, how to mod them. Also could pin a topic for a showcase of designs.

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Thank you! :orange_heart:

However, I can’t seem to go to the Cosplay category page. I get a “doesn’t exist” message. Does that mean I’m doing something wrong? I’d like to make topics in that category for the different faction costumes (Belter, Earther, Martian). I figure it’ll help people get to the help they’re looking for easily.

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Oh that’s strange. Are you using the #community:cosplay link or trying from the home page? I just tried those as anonymous and they worked.

Both. I get the /404 page.

Silly to respond to myself here, but this is a funny worth sharing.
An earlier version of “What would Alex pick?” was

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