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Oye! I’m Krys. I’m not sure what kind of info is good in an introduction here, but:

  • I live in Southern California
  • The Expanse is my favorite show ever
  • I’m still working my way through the books, currently slightly over halfway through Babylon’s Ashes
  • Mi ando xunyam Lang Belta! So feel free to help me practice anytime.

I run the Expanse slack channel at my work, and although I’m super busy with more than fulltime work and almost fulltime school, I’ve always got time to talk about The Expanse.

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Wa koming gut, Krys!

Also my favorite show ever. Probably the same for so many others too. :star_struck:

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Hi all,

I’m in Jackson, Mississippi. I love the show. I watch a lot of TV, all genres, and this show in particular has worked its way into my brain in a way beyond what I could’ve imagined. So I’m looking forward to connecting on a deeper level with people about The Expanse but also not entirely sure how to go about it.

I checked out the TV show for the first time this year on Amazon. I watch TV late, while my wife takes a shift putting the kids to bed. The first episode, I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of episode 2. But I was intrigued enough that I resolved to go back and watch episode 1 again, and found myself totally drawn in. It does take awhile to get fully drawn into the characters. But as the plot fully kicked in midway through the first season, I was really excited to find out what happened. Then, episode 2x05 came, and it was such a beautiful, transcendent experience for me that I realized I was watching something that had evolved beyond a TV show and needed a deeper level of engagement from me.

I realized then how much the show meant to me, and how it had come at the right time for me. In my personal life, I was finding myself alienated from a lot of what really had given me enjoyment day-to-day. Parenting 2 small children is hard and takes a lot of energy. I love my job, a design & communications firm that I started 10 years ago. We’d made a decision to have my wife join the business, and that carries its own complications and had led to some conflict that was sapping my enjoyment of both work and my romantic partnership.

The world of the show is so thoughtful and immersive, and pulls together so many of my interests in diversity, cultures, justice, politics, economics, science - and with cool space battles and great characters! It became something that I could really put my energy into, and in some ways it pulled me out of the larger valley that I was feeling across my entire life. Then, as I’ve started poking around online, and learning about the effort to save the show, the fans, and how great the book and show creators are, I really am grateful to be marginally connected to the whole thing.

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Welcome, Darren!

That’s a beautiful story, thank you for sharing, and for articulating your experiences so well. I’ve seen others express similar sentiments about how The Expanse came into their life during difficult times, or otherwise at the ‘right time’ (in the rare post on Twitter or Reddit).

Before finding The Expanse, I had been taking a 2-year break from all entertainment/media, but then came around to the idea that the ‘right’ kind of message & storytelling could have profound impacts on people. The Expanse was about the third thing that I explored after this hibernation, and BAM!

Because of the depth found in The Expanse, most other entertainment/media seems pretty shallow and hollow to me now, so I’m happy to just go all-in and really give some time and dedication to extolling its virtues. :smile: I’m also really glad to count myself among the #ScreamingFirehawks, even if it is also ‘on the margins’.

This might be a stretch on the serious/wonky side for some, but I’ve found the philosophical and cognitive science angles of The Expanse to be wonderful (and, yes, those two things go together!). I’ve been scratching that itch with a lecture series ‘Awakening from the Meaning Crisis’ from UoT professor John Vervaeke:

Other recent fiction that I’ve felt probes similarly is The Man In The High Castle, and I’ve also found some good discussion in some of the Expanse reactions videos (#community:react), including some hiding in the YouTube comments section.

I really hope that the [for now] small numbers of us can help make this place into something fine. So, again, welcome!

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Thank you, this is all fantastic stuff! I have previously thought YouTube was a little much, but I have been watching a lot of the Expanse reaction videos there and am growing to appreciate the format and the interaction and shared experience.

I will check out this lecture for sure. I definitely agree that the philosophy, cognitive science, speculative stuff, all of that goes together very well.

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I do need to catch up on Man in the High Castle. Haven’t seen past season 1. It’s funny you mention enjoying other shows less - in general, I’d be like really hype for the new season of Stranger Things. And I enjoy it, but it’s definitely not giving me the ‘high’ that Expanse does.

Agreed, finding good stuff on YouTube can be a surprise - like finding a gemstone in a sewer!

It’s really interesting to discover how different people with different backgrounds to my own react to watching The Expanse. That alone makes it worth watching the reactions, plus, of course, it’s a fun thing to do and great to relive those moments of awe!

I’ve been toying with watching Stranger Things - it would be fun to get my 80’s nostalgia on. On the often darker side, I enjoyed Mr Robot, Altered Carbon, Black Mirror, Electric Dreams, and Love, Death & Robots. On some older series, I also enjoyed Dollhouse, The Leftovers, and Humans (only recently canceled).

You’re right though that none of them produce the same ‘high’ as The Expanse. :wink:

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Iawn (eeyown) Beltalowda!

Greetings from North Wales.

As I’ve mentioned in my Biog I found The Expanse on Amazon binge watched all 4 seasons in a week.

How did I not know about this sooner?
I’m an avid sci-fi reader but somehow missed the books until now.
I don’t have sci-fi channel so I think I can be excused not seeing it on TV.

Thanks for having me here

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I think that’s a common enough story—finding The Expanse only recently. It seem even many (most?) book readers were unaware of the TV production. Before #SaveTheExpanse, and the combination of Amazon’s marketing & fan excitement for S4, it was a hidden gem. :wink:

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Hi everyone, new here. Watched up to season 2 and then stopped to read the series. Plan is to read all the novels and shorts by the time #9 comes out then watch the show. Trying not to see to many spoilers along the way.

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