Lang Belta Reference

Learning Lang Belta: The Basics List @ Pénsating Bik Tumblr by @OaktownPirate & @lexica

Season 4 additions from @Nfarmerlinguist via @OaktownPirate

Belter Creole @ The Expanse Wiki

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Is it ok to mention the Memrise app? I’m not associated with them (so it’s not like I’m advertising) but I use the app and it’s really helpful for learning Lang Belta.

I practice like 5 minutes every morning, and so far it’s been free (though it nags me regularly to subscribe for $30/year). I’m still trying to figure out if I want to subscribe, or if the links above are enough.

Absolutely okay to mention the Memrise app, which is linked from the Learning Lang Belta: The Basics List (above). This topic is now a wiki, so you can freely edit (in my rush, I fogot to wikifiy it, and didn’t copy over many links yet).

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