Updates for Week of June 10-16

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Site Updates

Continue adding content to new #cosplay category
@RociAI customized text, add explainer that same skills learned apply also to topics & replies.
Test Custom Wizard Plugin - plugin - Discourse Meta for new-user onboarding.
Add #archive tag & Archive links and :fa_wrench: :fa_calendar: ‘Change Timestamp…’ , where applicable, to existing content, and all new archiveable content. Example: The Expanse Series Fan Trailer - #SaveTheExpanse


discuss policy on posts: memes, low-effort, wallpapers, reaction GIFs, felotaposts, etc.
discuss Go-Live requirements, final URL, and other policy matters.
Customize the @RociAI bot with a Lang Belta tutorial and pointer to https://www.memrise.com/course/1476694/lang-belta-belter-creole-phrasebook

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