Welcome Screaming Firehawks! Website Build Progress & Updates

Welcome fellow ScreamingFirehawk! This is a place for hardcore fans of THE EXPaNSE to share, find, archive, and discuss EXPaNSE things.

It is a labor of love—fo beltalowda!—and won’t display ads or share personal info; it is non-commercial (non-promotional links to commercial places are okay).

Please read the Guidelines & FAQ, and the explainer The Universal Rules of Civilized Discourse , for being a great member of the community.

How You Can Help

  • Sign-Up, explore, comment, and post things that interest you. Category curators are most welcome!

  • If you like, you can introduce yourself at the #medina, and discuss this site at #meta:site-feedback.

  • Invite other #ScreamingFirehawks to do the same.

  • Request a bump to Moderator or Administrator. Most early contributing members can be promoted to Moderator—part of the ‘Crew’—straight away, to explore how things work (moderators can create categories, which are like subreddits). More info can be found in a Discourse Admin Manual from the Edgeryders community.

  • After Sign-Up, the @RociAI bot will guide you through some basics using private messages. The things you learn in that conversation can be used in replies anywhere, and for creating new topics. After the tutorial, you can join groups like Book Readers, or add a flair to your avatar.

Progress, Updates & To Do List

  • adding more example content, particularly things useful for members to find via search
  • adding more tags for community contributors, cast, characters, ships, episodes, etc.
  • working out conventions to help members avoid spoilers
  • sprucing up the theme with SVG icons, user flairs, & more

Specific tasks at Updates for Week of June 10-16

More in the Google Doc

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